Generation Z Exhibition

Generation Z is Andrey Smirnov’s project, dedicated to the forgotten history of the early 20th century’s experimental music. In the 1910-30s Soviet Russia witnessed an impressive cultural upheaval: striking innovations had became a consequence of “generation Z”’s unprecedented creative energy – unfinished “yesterday” and hardly foreseen “tomorrow” crossed paths in science and art. This is the subject of “Generation Z” program. The exhibition, located in the Central House of Artists’ basement, is accompanied by a wide parallel program – during three days you’ll be able not only to study rare exhibits and archives but also attend lectures, concerts and master classes – on factory music, sound of paper, projectionists, theremin and animation of the 1920-40s.


Hype-Spot Blog Exhibition

Young Russian artists, musicians and writers are going to print out their blogs at the New Culture Festival as an interactive model of their artistic universe: elements of the narrative and the visual part will be organically complemented by a soundtrack – from atmospheric soundscapes to live performances and DJ sets.


Street Art: Light Graffiti

Light Graffiti are inimitable pictures received by the combination of the physical opportunities of photography and the directional movement of light. The photo exhibition is going to feature the light artist Kaalam from France, his compatriots Jadikan Light Project, the Dutch project Pipslab and Patrick Rochon from Canada. One of the main enthusiasts of “light graffiti” Mikhail Churkin will give a three-day master class on this new kind of visual arts.


Madam Mess’s Privy Installation

Natalia Mali’s installation will be located in the outhouse she built in the area under the colonnade of the Central House of Artists. The artist’s long-standing interest in the woman's role in the contemporary society was a reason for the making of the peculiar mini-museum of female images in mass media from the 1970s on. Portraits, posters and painted walls of the outhouse are altars of some sort, created as a child’s diary which includes scraps with idols’ pictures and short annotations or biographies. Natalia Mali will decorate her installation with her personal selection of smash hits from various periods -- the hits whose authors became not less popular than Madam Mess. Using modern and vintage popular magazines — Vogue, Cosmopolitan, MAX, Gala, Steady Cam, Das Film Magazin, L'espresso, Wochenend, Sex Report, etc, — as the basis, Mali is going to show the importance and evolution of the woman’s image in society.

Wing Mirror: India, China

The Wing Mirror installation consists of a dozen of synchronized videos shot from vehicles in China and India. The videos are projected through their reflections in car mirrors. The number of different “reflections of reality” and their dynamics engross viewers and immerse them into the distant and flamboyant world of the East. Just five minutes of watching will take you for a whole-hour “drive” in real space and time.
Author: Andrey Krel


Sputnik Art Foundation together with ROST Media presents exhibitions of contemporary artists using a new exposing format called v_museum. For the first time Sputnik Art’s interactive museum presents nine exhibitions of young Russian modern artists and international art groups in the innovative v_museum format. After the premiere, the virtual exhibition is going on a tour to the regions of Russia, to Europe and America.


D.A.M. Virtual Art Gallery

Double Identity is a series of fashion-oriented works focused on a transitional state of a person. Dasha Marchik is going to present an exhibition in the Virtual Gallery which has the biggest opportunities for contemporary artists’ self-expression. She will change the exhibition in real time, showing the audience various facets of her work.  Dasha Marchik works basically with innovative designers, stylists, performers and creators of controversial art forms from all over the world. The Virtual Gallery developed by V-Art Studio is a new type of space for the art community where a new format of works’ presentation is possible.